Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adventures in Mumbai

Yesterday we went into the city of Mumbai. How to describe it in words is virtually impossible, but I shall try. We began the day eating some amazing dosa, a type of potato curry, and these miniature bananas that my kids would devour? Of course the day meal came with chai. It was a very light, but filling meal.
Shortly after we were whisked away into the city at race like speed. Dodging and darting, merging and honking our way at desired destination. I had no idea where we were, but I learned an interesting traffic/driving rule: at all cost push your way into the desired position; the bigger the vehicle the greater the command of the road ( the pecking order appears to be—truck or bus, big vehicle, small vehicle, new vehicle, rickshaw, bicycle and pedestrian must meander their way through the madness).
We found our eyes wide shut, attempting to consume everything, but on the other hand moved by the disparity amongst the riches. Merely scratching the surface of an endless world, I feel equipped to do justice to the beauty and tragedy of this great land.
The adventure continued as we found our “sightseeing” at the heart of the city, filled with billboards, trains, scads of people, temples, cathedrals, cricket matches, shops, and finally to the Arch of Mumbai. This arch was constructed to commorate the arrival the first English monarch on Indian land. In the shadow of this landmark was the site of sadness and tragedy, the Indian 911. Evidence of this horrific attack can still be seen—burn marks on the building broken window, closed shops, and apprehension among the people that witnessed and lived through this cowardly act of terrorism.
After walking for quite some time and being thoroughly sunburned our walkabout brought us to one of the days highlights—a tucked away Indian restaurant. Normally I am selective with what Indian food I eat, based entirely upon the heat of the dish. I think through God's intervention I was bold in what I ate. We began with a chutney that set my mouth on fire, but this seeming misstep was turned into a magnificent memory. I had Afgan chicken, vegetable curry, chicken biryani, and garlic naan. Aside from drowning myself with water, the senses in my mouth and nose were filled filled with heavenly taste and smells. Perhaps best of all was the lack of retribution for from my stomach for devouring some amazingness.
I could go on, but I believe I have hit my blog quota. I shall post a part two of the day, with the addition of our Sunday worship time.
As always thank u for ur prayers. We rejoice that God has been with us and the constant reminder that he is Good, all the time he is Good!!!

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Anonymous said...

You have absolutely NO restraint when it comes to eating Indian food. You even put a Rupee in your mouth today.

We love you, but you lied on your blog. We're with you, we know what you do, and we are telling the world.

Give me back my garlic naan.

-The Shadow